RUST Kitchen – Social Responsibility

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that  Rust Kitchen has been involved in a number of activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We would like to share information on the main areas of our CSR activities:

  • Rust – What you use does not destroy the environment

Our employees who use company cars are trained in eco-driving, whereby they drive economically, making journeys more fuel efficient and less polluting.

  • We make sure that our employees want to put their hearts in to what they do for you

We invest in the development of our employees, because increasing their level of competence is important for us. Through training, our employees also have the opportunity be active, have fun and regenerate their strength. During training games, they broaden their horizons of thinking about customer needs.

  • There are more options than you think

We are convinced that a kitchen should move the senses of its users and serve as a meeting place. Through our creativity and innovation we make each of our customers have a sense that the kitchen is just such a place. We can optimise kitchens to the specific needs of each customer.

  • We listen to cries for help – in dramatic situations we can help

In very difficult life situations we support as much as we can people who have been harmed. We help people through difficult times within our expertise.

Message about CSR Communication addressed to the employees of  Rust Kitchen:

„We are pleased to announce that  Rust Kitchen is involved in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. We would like to share information about these areas of action.”

  • We create jobs that make people happy

The company’s owner  decided to change the organisational culture by moving the focus from searching for reasons to searching for solutions. This means that job satisfaction results from achieving more effective solutions. Superiors have to concentrate on finding best solution for each situation alongside staff. We believe that in this way we will create a culture of mutual support. We encourage you to feel jointly responsible for ensuring the safety of yourselves and your colleagues through the use of previously developed safety procedures.

  • Development of the best

The company implements activities to promote those who are particularly involved in the realisation of the company’s vision. We want these people to have the opportunity to take advantage to a greater extent of their potential by receiving new positions and tasks that provide them with development, satisfaction and better financial prospects.

  • Working with us you will not destroy the environment

We are constantly looking for solutions to environmental concerns. We teach you how to use  company cars in an economic and eco-friendly way. How to save money without compromising on quality and production materials. We make sure that administrative staff manage the office supplies rationally. We believe that our joint efforts lead to living in a cleaner environment.

  • We can help and we do help  When our staff have difficulties, we help them as much as we can.