At the beginning of each project a thought is born, an idea. An embryo, which does not arise spontaneously, that does not drift helplessly in a vacuum. It has a beginning … This idea is born in the imagination of an innovator, who channels it, transforms it and later brings it to life. Thus, was born the idea of creating a brand with the idea of creating the innovative approach to the client. Sensual Kitchens were born in the mind of Piotr Wnuk based on his rich and varied experience, personal dreams and vision.

It all started like this:

In 1995 Piotr Wnuk had started working in one of the most known Polish furniture company. The savings he makes and his competences cause the managing director to entrust him with purchasing wood. He starts to order the raw material directly from forests before it is treated in a traditional sawmill. He also changes the way it is dried. Instead of the conventional method, he introduces an innovative method of vacuum drying. This brings the company, alongside substantial savings, an increase in the class of timber, thereby finally the quality of the finished furniture. He also creates the Design and Technology Department from the ground up, building a team, introducing computer design and new standards in documentation and software to control machine tools. In doing so, he takes the company to the whole new dimension of innovation.

A few years later, in 1998 Piotr Wnuk decided to move on and takes over as manager in charge of production and sales in other company where he spends almost two decades. During this impressive stay he has developed and the company and made many innovative changes and  devotedly realized his vision that „By 2005, the company become No. 1 in Poland in the eyes of kitchen furniture customers in the medium and premium segments” which he accomplished with many successes in between. As a result Piotr Wnuk, thanks to consistently and successfully conducted activities, joined the 100 managers in the furniture industry according to the magazine Publikator.

Piotr always was focused on the innovations which is easily seen over the years. He implemented the the world-class innovation „SILENT DRAWER” (soft closing drawers) which was an absolute novelty in the world at this time.

Piotr Wnuk creates and introduces his concept of personalized kitchen – an illuminated image within in a frame placed on usable furniture and wall cladding elements, enabling the creation of galleries of people’s passions in their homes.

Finally in 2014, Piotr Wnuk with his carefully cherished over the years idea established his own brand, where he develops the concept of luxury kitchen interiors for discerning customers around the world. These are unique kitchens for those who are bored with the traditional approach to the client avalaible on the market. It offers kitchens that are an alternative to conventional and boring arrangements. The kitchens are aimed at demanding customers looking for innovating solutions ans and non-template kitchen interiors personalised by them themselves. The whole concept brings absolutely new approach to the customers’ needs on the market.

As a result of its owner’s vision – in 2016 brand In cooperation with my team the an innovative concept RS6 was made which the company presented for the first time during the bigest kitchen fair EUROCUNINA 2016 in Milan which is undeniable success.

In 2017 company  creates a show kitchen interior in the mansion in Florida in the United States