Modern factory

The RUST Company is the owner of advanced technology and a modern factory equipped with the latest machines from renowned global manufacturers such as Homag, IMA, SCM and Cefla.

Timeliness and supervision

The system ensures the quality and timeliness of each project, in which each individual element is identified with a bar code. This code carries a range of information, including the customer’s order number, the deadlines for producing a given element and CNC software. This allows identifying the element at the workstation and also its continuous monitoring and supervision during the implementation stage in the Planning Department.

High quality products require the world’s highest-generation technology

The company specializes in implementing technologically difficult, unique orders. It is equipped with advanced machine tools (e.g. 5-axis CNC) to ensure precise execution of complex elements. These machines are connected with designers in showrooms who create furniture and their elements. Through innovative IT systems machine tools receive data, on the basis of which they make unique elements, with quality that is unattainable using traditional methods.

Repeatability of technological operations

Each element before executing the most important processes that are decisive for the final quality of the products is pre-scanned and automatically controlled by the machine for dimensional compliance.

Precision machinery and experience

The narrow edge of the element is the subtle place in furniture, which very often constitutes the final appearance as well as the stability of the entire set. In order to obtain high accuracy here, the experience of the operator and complex machines are necessary. Together in one cycle they can perform many precise processes, thus eliminating inaccuracies that could arise when using several simpler machines.

Cutting optimization managed at a distance

Each cutting operation is parameterised, optimized and managed by appropriate software as well as remote access to the machine. Thus, we eliminate any mistakes associated with this stage of production, obtaining very fast and reliable cutting for every project.

Small-lot production

The concept of the factory is organized to carry out production at the highest level, both for individual custom orders as well as small-lot, repeatable production, where quality is what counts above all else.

Automation, and premium, durable paint coating

Premium, durable paint coating cannot be left to chance, that is why RUST decided that this process will be carried out by automation and robots.

Advanced safety technology for the quality of painted surfaces

The robot scans the elements to position the jets, and appropriate software controls optimal painting: the quality of the paint, the distance of the nozzle from the element, the sequence of the operations and the quality of the painted surfaces.

Awe inspiring gloss

The final effect of the work, the result of many hours previously devoted, materializes during the polishing of the surface. It is the culmination of many employees’ work, supported by advanced technologies.

Laboratory testing of painted elements

The most important parameters of painted component such as:

  • hardness,
  • gloss,
  • adherence,
  • resistance to temperature change,
  • resistant to cold liquids,

is carried out according to the appropriate research methodology, on the basis of standards in a special laboratory, which is confirmed by an independent certificate stating that RUST has implemented, supervises and maintains high standards in paint coating.

Advanced technology in the quality control of materials

The safety of the purchase includes timely and complete delivery. To ensure this, we have implemented advanced technology, which makes sure that every material from the stage of delivery and its later release from the warehouse is subjected to electronic monitoring on the basis of unique barcode labels.

Advanced technology in the quality control of production

The produced elements and cabinets are subject to meticulous quality control. Such inspection at the following stages of the production is a necessary condition in order to meet the agreed commitments.

Advanced technology in the quality control of finished products

Each finished product before shipment is subject to quality control, where after packaging automatically receives a generated, unique barcode, which is a guarantee, i.e. of the completeness of the deliveries.