Global communication – synergy of quality and flexibility

The production process starts with the creation of the product using computers located anywhere on earth. They have specialized software, which communicates remotely with a central server that processes and generates codes, programmes, schedules and tasks for all departments, devices and machine tools numerically controlled along with their operators.

Currently, such a solution is regarded as an ideal around the world, as it brings advantages that are unequalled such as:

  • safety of manufacturing products in accordance with the project
  • unprecedented flexibility, allowing the creation of a unique and individually conceived product,
  • reduction of costs,
  • timely implementation of individual operations as well as the entire order.

This is because computers, depending on the tasks given, calculate millions of options to find the most optimal solution for a given time. In a manner that is lightning fast and precise it assigns tasks to everyone involved in the process. In addition, the tools necessary for the implementation of these tasks relieve operators from the thousands of supporting activities.