Rust Kitchen – EuroCucine 2016 – Milano 12-17.04.2016


Cooperation of Rust Kitchen sp. z o.o. in the realm of kitchen furniture provide RUST brand the development of franchising concept in the world.


This Sensual Kitchens offer consists of three inseparable components:

unique furniture, services and specialized methods of creating kitchen interiors.

This is a custom-ordered personalized product. User Experience Design methods (previously used only in serial products) are used to design for an individual user. The user and his dreams are in the centre of attention. The interior, the furniture and the installations are only the tool. The product is the joy and satisfaction of the user with the new life style that was created based on the sensitivity and passion of the user.

We are so different, therefore we have different passions.


Rust Innovative Kitchens presents in the NEW collection  RS6:

DESIGN PASSION – interior of well-known design critic with her private exhibits.


DESIGN is part of culture

  • it is passion, I develop with it
  • it is my daily work,
  • it is a world of objects that I love
  • it is a lifestyle

Krystyna Luczak-Surowka, Ph.D.
design historian & critic, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,

„The Rust Innovative Kitchens invited me to extraordinary cooperation. I became an actual customer of a studio interior created not only for my needs, but above all for my senses. SENSUAL Kitchens are an innovation of the Rust Innovative Kitchens brand. In the interior design I brought a new quality in the personalisation that we all so value.”


DESIGN PASSION – a studio project of SENSUAL KITCHENS, created for the needs and senses of Krystyna. She placed her passion in it – for Polish design and its history. It moves her with its refined form, the sophisticated texture of the surfaces and perfect proportions. She lives among the icons of Polish design – Chairs “Shell” by Teresa Kruszewska (1956) and coffee sets “Ina” and “Dorothy” by Lubomir Tomaszewski (1962) – one of the most outstanding examples of mid-century modern design. She is not satisfied with conventional solutions…


RS 6 – at EuroCucina 2016. we invite You for the premiere collection, which provides  a wide range of opportunities to personalize your interior. Unique character, ergonomics and virtually unlimited number of possible combinations. Collection RS 6  for the Rust Kitchen has created Krystyna Luczak-Surowka, Ph.D, in Poland well-known historian of art and design, a lecturer at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.