Be innovative with RUST KITCHEN!

Today’s world places before us unique challenges. For businesses to succeed, companies need to differentiate themselves from the competition. The company Rust Kitchen has been building our competence to carry out individual projects requiring innovation and high quality. We present to You proposal for cooperation in the production of all kinds of furniture, in both serial and individual designs.


  • dedicated design and production team prepared to work under the direction of an architect
  • a unique method of implementing complex orders for demanding customers
  • our own system of intelligent production – a combination of advanced technology and individual production
  • know-how and sales network of subcontractors from the interior design industry
  • innovative product and technological solutions result from RUST’s constant efforts to maintain the position of the forerunner.

Because the company constantly surprises with innovations on the Polish market, it has become the leader in kitchens for demanding customers for many years.

The internal design team rust design has been creating for years attractive solutions and designs for the kitchen market. Many of them were new in Poland and some of them new around the world. An example is the PERSONAL DECOR SYSTEM, designed within the Avant-Garde Collection.