Sound of Silence – the fulfillment of desires provides incredible satisfaction


We are surrounded by sounds that we do not pay attention to as well as those that stay in our memory for a long time. After some time we stop paying attention to them, and the noise becomes part of our everyday life. The sounds of the street, conversations on the tram, the radio, all merge into one sound commonly known as noise. After some time, we get used to it, even ignore it. It does not stop affecting us though.

The beauty of old technology by RUST DESIGN


We know the loft interiors very well: the successful adaptation of loft interiors is achieved through the use of details and materials traditionally associated with post-industrial interiors. Is there a chance that the floor boards and cast iron wall and ceiling details combined with brick, steel and wood can be turned into a new inspiration for dreams?

New York chillout


„My passion for many years has been photography. Wherever I am, in the mountains, in the city or at home, it is always with me. I have spent hundreds of hours waiting for the right moment … And if I could create a gallery that no one had ever created?

In the place where I wake up, drink my morning coffee or spend long evenings, staring at the intriguing, illuminated works. And if I could change the pictures in my home gallery? … „