The beauty of old technology by RUST DESIGN


We know the loft interiors very well: the successful adaptation of loft interiors is achieved through the use of details and materials traditionally associated with post-industrial interiors. Is there a chance that the floor boards and cast iron wall and ceiling details combined with brick, steel and wood can be turned into a new inspiration for dreams?

Designers from RUST DESIGN deliberately don’t try to pin a design label on this type of interior styling, rather they focus on an innovative approach to very old technology. The aim is to offer us the most functional interior solutions, but using well known materials, such as concrete, raw and whitewashed wood, black welded steel or cast bronze. A discreet, yet indispensable element for the team is the PERSONAL DECOR SYSTEM. Decorative elements placed in furniture fronts as always create a coherent whole with a dominating artistic accent. The diversity of the work of the young artist is based on the context in which it is placed. It’s not a work of art that adorns a gable wall of the building or hangs inside in a frame. It’s something more, but also closer to viewer. It is an integral part of the main wall of concrete, while playfully packaged, like the skin of an alligator, in the decorative elements of the RUST R5 fronts. The aim is to inspire and stimulate our senses to dream about an interior with a completely new aesthetic quality. It is not about whether it is post-industrial, vintage or exclusive, but rather that it is close to us. Respect for the traditions of crafts and old technology has been expressed by RUST DESIGN designers in their innovative use of them and the deliberate use of their character.



The modern symmetrical appearance of the corners of islands is achieved through elaborate side details and the thick edge of the fronts. These are angle finished and made of structural LOFT OAK with exposed knots and cracks in a darker tone. The top of the wooden BARBAROSSA table is made from nearly 250-year-old oak fragments taken from original German huts and barns, with charming damage and discolouration.


Rough in character and seemingly imperfect in form, the thick concrete worktop is smooth and pleasant to touch. Light impressively exposes both its porosity and the structural LOFT OAK LOFT used below.

The mural on a concrete wall, seamlessly combined with the worktop of kitchen cabinets, has such a spatial character and consistent colours that it blurs the visual boundary between these elements.


The seemingly white fronts are extremely warm. This is due to natural oak, the grain of which emerges from the bottom of the whitening wood mass, when we look at it up close – so it looks like an OAK DESERT. The RUST R5 decor program made in this material is one of the most artistic and attractive interior details.


The visible, characteristically porous surfaces of the furniture are a sensational breakthrough in the use of concrete indoors. These are thin modern fronts, which are easy to operate and do not crack. Making them from original architectural concrete, which is also used in elements lining the walls, floors, lamps, worktops, sink and decorations, provides an incredible visual coherence in the home.