Detail inspires admiration

Wouldn’t the world be gray and sad if it were not for rays of sunshine from time to time? But what would the interior be without carefully created and perfectly executed detail? They are like the enchanting rays of sunshine even after many years. They move our senses, making the world around us beautiful.

Tailor made glamour

Personal Decor System

You decide whether the fronts of rust r8 and r5 will be covered with wall cladding, floor cladding, maybe your favourite drawing or even material taken from upholstered furniture. This material as DECOR can be placed exactly in the fronts that you choose.

Next to the visible and large pictures integrated with the fronts are also placed smaller ones. The small picture sizes encourage viewers to look closer and provoke observing them from different angles in order to see the whole picture subtly covered by the handles.

Glacier Effect

Application of modern technologies in conjunction with manual processing allows creating furniture with a unique surface, an individually designed plane and consisting of surfaces situated at different angles.

Wood Picture

Combination of paint and wood on the same plane is reserved only for RUST Furniture and a unique solution for connoisseurs. Think – the beautiful images of natural wood in a white painted frame located somewhere on the wall, or simply door fronts of kitchen cabinets finished with wood structure surrounded by uniform white paint is a true art, in which nature is the artist.