Music creates the mood

A good climate in the kitchen is undoubtedly a feast of the senses. It is difficult to imagine food separated from culture and the characteristic colours of a particular country. When cooking, we recall the memories of our travels, where flavours are mixed with culture, music and traditions. And so for example: gazpacho with the sound of guitar music by Carlos Montoya form together an excellent duo. Delicious food plus your favourite sounds make incredible synergy, complementing each other.

The space around us saturated with the soft, stylish and lazy sounds flowing from the speakers cause the food to have an exceptional taste and the world to look more beautiful.

TV in the kitchen

The kitchen naturally belongs to our daily living space. If we spend a lot of time here, it is worth keeping up with what happens in our close and distant surroundings. However, we don’t always have time sit in the living room and track the news channel. Therefore, a good idea is placing speakers in the kitchen and listening to the radio, for example. Another interesting possibility is integration of a TV in our kitchen. This enables us to watch the news or a favourite series without interrupting kitchen work.

The culinary application of a modern TV can be a source of inspiration, allowing unknown or forgotten flavours to make their way to our menu.

Sound and light management

A remote control in the era of tablets and smartphones becomes an outdated device. Of course the very idea of remote control does not mean that remotes will end up in technological trash. The problem lies in their increasing amount in our home. A brilliant solution is placing programmable remotes or dedicated applications on a smartphone or tablet. As a result, control is reduced to such commands as „watch TV” or „listen to the radio”. In the same place we have access to our entire home media library and complete control over the home’s sound system.