Unique concrete

Natural concrete – loft-like character of the kitchen’s interior

Unique interiors require natural and commonly unusual solutions. Concrete in the kitchen is a solution for those looking for modern forms made of natural materials. The elements are handmade in accordance with innovative technology, which makes each surface unique in its kind.

A very thick countertop with a natural sink formed inside looks impressive as homogeneous curls blend into the wall lining and give the interior a loft-like character. This solution is especially appreciated by people who don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the kitchen.

The architectural version of concrete in a thin-walled form provides a number of capabilities unavailable years ago. Lightweight, 7-mm panels are ideal to use as wall cladding. They can be used even on drywalls as well as spatial corner elements that imitate any thickness.

A countertop, lamp or furniture fronts made of real concrete causes our interior to gain an authentic and loft-like character.

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