Avant-Garde Collection – rust R5 fresk

We perfectly know the interiors of lofts and also successful conversions of the interiors with only a loft-style character, achieved by the use of details and materials which are traditionally associated with post-industrial interiors. Is there any chance to bring out any new inspiration for dreams from the reinforced concrete elements of walls and ceilings timbered with boards, combined with the brick and steel constructions or woodwork? The designers from RUST DESIGN deliberately do not name it nor do they try to label the interior’s style but rather focus on an innovative approach to a very old technology. The goal is to offer the most functional solutions within the interior yet with materials apparently known from history, such as concrete, raw and whitewashed wood, black welded steel or bronze cast. In this case a discreet element and yet indispensable for the team is the DECOR PERSONAL SYSTEM. Decors are located in the surface of the furniture’s fronts as usual join into a coherent unity of the furniture with the artistic accent dominating the entire space, to form an artistic mural. This artistic dissimilarity of the young artist lies in the new idea of location. It’s no longer a work of art adorning the building’s gable or hanging inside within its frame. It’s something more – closer to the viewer. It is an integral part of the main concrete wall with playfully customized elements of RUST R5 front decors just like alligator’s skin. The goal is real inspiration and stimulation of our senses to dream about the interior of a completely new aesthetic quality. Regardless of whether it is post-industrial, vintage or exclusive; the most important is that it would be dear to us. The designers of RUST DESIGN express respect for the tradition of handicrafts and old technologies by their innovative application but also in a deliberate use of their character.

The modern and symmetrical look of the island’s corners was achieved through artful side details as well as the thick edges of the fronts. They are precisely angled and made of structural LOFT OAK with knots and cracks exposed in a darker tone. However, the top of the BARBAROSSA wooden table was made of nearly 250-year-old fragments of oak trusses from original German huts and barns. Hence, there are numerous charming defects and discolorations.

The thick concrete countertop that is rough in character and seemingly imperfect in its form turns out to be smooth and enjoyable to the touch. The light impressively exposes its porosity as well as the structural LOFT OAK used below.

The mural made on a concrete wall seamlessly joins with the worktop of the kitchen cabinets and its spatial character as well as consistent colours blurs the visual boundary between these elements before our eyes.

The white fronts are extremely warm in character. This is due to natural oak, which grain emerges to the bottom, whitewashing the wood when we closely look at it – that’s the way DESERT OAK presents itself. The decor of the RUST R5 programme made of this material is one of the most artistic and attractive interior details.

If anyone is captivated by traditional wooden cupboards and their most embracing functional open niche above the tabletop, certainly, they will also be surprised by a movable form of such niche. It can be extended during culinary works on the kitchen’s island, enchanting with its modern form and functionality. The lighting, power supply for the blender and mixer or universal concrete tray with a bunch of growing spice plants in this case as well as a multifunctional rail ensure comfortable cooking.

The RUST premiere drawer named LEGRAGLASS INOX gives an unrealistically spacious impression due to the mirrored character of the interior. However, the lightness and smooth operation in both directions can be realistically sensed as it was never used in the furniture market before. That’s the perfection of movement.

Thanks to old technology, the handles casted in bronze give more original character to furniture fronts made of raw LOFT OAK and architectural concrete. Handles with such a small cross-section seem subtle even in a small dimension. However, they emphasize their visual reliability and impressive weight with such thick wooden drawer fronts.

The visible and characteristically porous surfaces of furniture are unique in the field of the concrete use indoors. These thin and modern fronts are easily operated and they do not crack. Their construction made of original architectural concrete, which is also used in the elements of wall lining, floors, lampshades, worktop, sink and decorations will provide an incredible visual coherence of our house.

A solid concrete top formed monolithically with elements of the drip tray and chamber also form a coherent unity with a high element securing the so-called wet area. This entire element impresses with its simplicity and minimalism.

All the interior seats were designed by the RUST DESIGN team with a use of soft, natural leather and rough construction design made of black welded steel and protected against rust. The brighter and visible welds of steel profiles can also be noticed in the company of bar elements and its interior woodwork.