Avant-Garde Collection – rust R5 Silesia

Sensual, seemingly made of materials from long ago known by everyone – the Rust 5 kitchen interior. At first glance it radiates tranquillity and elegance. What do we discover in this interior, what touches us, captivates us, giving us energy every day? It’s a mixture of natural materials, known and loved for years. Can it still arouse vivid emotions in the inhabitants of this apartment? Certainly yes, and powerful ones, the moment those investors become the co-authors of this delicate and somewhat personal notion. Each of these traditional materials has been treated innovatively, so that their charm builds a certain mood and creates an individual world. The wood has a of loft-like character, bulging with darkened knags and a coarse, brushed structure of the surface. The lack of a lacquer finish is just a mere impression. Modern paint coating ensures exceptional washability and the durable life of this surface. Architectural concrete, cold to the touch, has nothing to prove – it has its own charm. The jointless, uniform concrete construction truly impresses and the impregnated surfaces of the countertops increase the comfort of safety for its users. A kitchen sink that is also made of concrete? 25 mm thick concrete fronts? Is that actually possible? Well, yes…

Here, even lacquer has its own dimension. It’s served in an entirely new stylization. Used on large sheets, in full gloss or presenting mat accents. Promoted as an alternative to white. It is a completely new value, with contrast adjusted to more subtle arrangements where colour, especially white, isn’t the main player. This pigment of extremely bright whitened beige sets itself as an excellent background for the sombreness of concrete and the coldness of ochre contained in “raw oak wood”. The uniqueness of this composition is especially appreciated by people who love art. Steel has been applied to details in one classic colour and two finishes; as brushed, and as welded without treatment, only with a colourless finish on the bar stools. As one would expect from the sensual interior, the precious materials make up the background for the characteristic features of RUST R5, namely – the PERSONAL DECOR SYSTEM. As seen right behind the handles of the furniture fronts, the pictures with Silesian motifs awaken sentimentalism. But what they really do is they express Justyna’s emotions towards her most beloved region. Does a backlit by night gallery, integrated in a unique interior, accompanied by innovatively natural materials and flowers make them exceptional…? Can they still bring about vivid emotions …?

The decors placed in the fronts of the furniture, in this case pictures with motifs of Silesia, bring together the furniture accessories and the elements of the city skyline so beloved by the apartment’s users.

LEGRAGRASS INOX, the premiere drawer by RUST, through its mirror character of the interior gives the impression of incredible spaciousness. One can realistically feel the fluency and lightness of movement in the furniture equipment never before used on the market. The fronts made of original architectural concrete, which is also used in the elements of wall lining, floors, lampshades, worktop, sink and decorations will provide an incredible visual coherence of our house.

Steel and a mixture of steel and glass – the materials which the drawers are made of highlight their modern character. The sides, which lack the unnecessary nooks, allow easily keeping it clean and effectively organize the space. The industrial visual effect only adds to the kitchen’s character.

The naturally coarse and seemingly imperfect form of the thick, concrete countertop turns out to be pleasantly smooth and lovely when touched. The light beautifully brings out the porosity and structure of the loft-like oak.

The mobile niche electrically extends from the cooking island during preparation of meals, leaving everyone stunned and fascinated with its modern form and functionality.

To electrically extend the niche on the kitchen island just gently touch it and the bay will quietly and smoothly show off its content.

The compartment supplemented with cargo under the countertop is the ideal space for sponges and dishwasher tablets – complex home storage.

Broom cupboards are priceless compartments when it comes to functional practicality. Interesting solutions for storing a vacuum, brooms, cleaning supplies or a ladder.