Avant-Garde Collection – rust R5

The owner of this interior is a person who loves music, fully engaged in composing and arranging. He is passionate, looking everywhere for inspiration for himself and his art. For him it is a pleasure to look at beautifully illuminated photos presented on various furniture fronts. Inspiration and fascination come from a photo of his beloved woman. She is, after all, the artist’s muse. Furniture is his own gallery of inspiration, which lives its own life, thanks to the unique lighting system: SHINING STARS CONSTELLATION. In addition, the uniqueness of the materials and their combinations create something exceptional, freeing the imagination and emphasizing the individual character of the interior and its owner.

The PERSONAL DECOR SYSTEM by which you present your passions is so large that it inspires and moves your senses. Now what you love can always be in sight.

Sensuality can also be found in technical solutions. Steel countertops together with sliding spice rack and integrated sink are very practical and personify contact with nature and a professional kitchen.

These drawers are the work of an Italian designer and the RUSTdesign team. Their perfect motion, modern design and stainless steel protecting from dirty fingerprints makes this solution unique. Incorporation of impressively thick and homogeneous details, coherent in terms of materials causes the owner to pamper his senses due to the storage function, handles or the worktop. This is a true work of everyday art.