Avant-Garde Collection – rust R8 classic

One definition of beauty defines it as something that makes the senses perceive unique pleasure.

Everything is here glamour, discreetly luxurious and personal. In addition, exquisite in form and precision. This kitchen’s interior will satisfy the most demanding people. For those waiting for luxury and beauty in an original, personalized form, it is their fulfilment.

The sophisticated character of the interior is built by its details. Cabinet fronts made using GLACIER EFFECT technology create innovative value. The third dimension was obtained by the arrangement of the front surfaces and trapezoidal placed glazing resembling the shape of diamonds.

The PERSONAL DECOR SYSTEM stimulates personal emotions. It allows users to place their favourite materials in it, photos that in conjunction with the SHINING STAR backlighting system creates a magical atmosphere.

The finesse of detail in RUST R8 Classic, is also perfection and quality of the furniture’s finish in every dimension. Leather interior drawers with the possibility of personalized embroidery surprises with its sophistication.

The uniqueness of the finish is complimented with raw brushed granite and bog oak emanating the impression of wood resting on river bottoms for hundreds of years. The kitchen is given depth and a distinctive taste in conjunction with numerous glazing, as a cold and warm texture.