Avant-Garde Collection – rust R8

The interior hypnotises with its luminous expression. This ground-breaking concept of shaping the residential area and revolutionary technology bring the furniture solids to life. They become multidimensional. Due to refined processing the furniture’s surfaces acquire the GLACIER EFFECT – which means that the polished surface acquires a three-dimensional effect. The furniture resemble a glacier’s surface in which unconventional reflections liven their surface. Your personal sensitivity combined with the individual creation of the design team brings the theme of illusion, fascination and admiration into the interior.

The unconventional countertops with their modern style underlines the form of a glacier presented in the planes of the furniture.

The backlit PERSONAL DECOR SYSTEM – made of engraved satin glass – creates an intimate atmosphere in the evening.

On the planes of various surfaces GLACIER EFFECT comes to the forefront when in contact with the HIDDEN HANDLE SYSTEM

solution. The specially designed spot in a plane for the touch open system additionally reduces the area of leaving hand prints. It minimizes the time required for cleaning. Design, functionality and phenomenal expression of forms.

Extraordinary things are not left to chance. It is similar to the preparation of sophisticated food. The creator’s invention and the use of special spices in the right proportions is the key to the palate’s delight. Every RUST R8 is an unconventional interior. Your desires and creativity in the hands of the RUSTdesign team is only the beginning. Here, the PERSONAL DECOR

SYSTEM, SHINING STARS CONSTELLATION and GLACIER EFFECT like spices give the exquisite taste and aroma to make a feast for senses … every day