Avant-Garde Collection – rust rs6

RUST rs6 which world premiere took place during the most important Word furniture trade fairEUROCUCINA 2016, is designed by Rust Kitchen in designer in  association with Ph.D Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka – well-known historian and design critic.

Ergonomy, aesthetics and flexibility are the key factors of RUST rs6. Diagonal lines of the handles allow you to grab a handle in a very instinctive and natural way which also let the wrists rest. Manually ground edges and brushed steel gave expected visual effect – the nobility of silver. Different angles and lengths of the handles offer comfort and beauty – you can place them one by one, in a group, in one line or even combined. RUST rs6 guarantees unlimited possibilities of personalisation, comfortable and attractive for users but also considered as a convenient work tool for architects.

The PASSION FOR DESIGN connects the past with the future. The modern furniture and appliances relate to Łuczak-Surówka’s private exhibits from vintage and modern design collections. The interior composition is based on the horizontal line, carefully chosen proportions of forms and details. The core of RUST rs6 is the island, perfect for someone who likes cooking, alike Krystyna.

The wall run is the reinterpretation of the typical Polish cupboard. The vertical fragment of furniture build into the wall shows an individual character and advantages of the new RUST rs6 line.