Elegance Collection – jukon I

As a precious stone in jewellery, so is the LED lighting in a modern kitchen, building an intimate and cosy atmosphere. Like a good meal, only the right proportions of ingredients create a unique taste and effect: Nothing beyond measure. Fashionable shapes clothed with modern fabric, capture with its attractive surface and provide a sense of security. We are confident that our child will not be able to leave evidence of his or her’s durability experiments on them. Elegance and security are every day satisfaction…

The handle is the decoration. As a beautiful necklace for a woman which subtly emphasizes her beauty. Sometimes such handle should be invisible and continue to perform its function of protecting fronts against the moisture of our hand involved in the preparation of a delicious meal. We enjoy things which make us stand out and yet are functional and protect our spine from unnecessary bending. They save our time for the preparation of meals or maintaining order.

We like elegance and comfort. Sometimes we cannot decide: we like drawers but do not want the additional dividing line of fronts. Two drawers in one make a practical and perfect duo.