Elegance Collection – volturno

A small kitchen is generally cosy. Volturno has something more; it has that special something… Designed according to the principle “less is more”, it seduces us with perfect form and surprises with its capacity. Can it hold so much?

The modern, structural surface of fronts with NO HANDLE visible gives a minimalist character to the interior. We have peace of mind and we know for certain that our child will not get hurt in the kitchen. This solution is ideal for those who like a little but value durability and high quality.

It’s not a problem to utilize the corner. The magic corner handles this perfectly. But what about the moving objects when it slides open? How to keep the order in it since stored items have different dimensions? The magnetic partitions let you easily set them anywhere on the bottom to enjoy order.

Additional table? We can sit at it when we are tired working in the kitchen. This solution is a real treasure in a small room.