Sensual Collection – roma

The apartment with an invisible kitchen has two appearances.Its interior takes on a different and creative dimension after sliding and hiding the movable fronts. However, the uniform and modern form of fronts with decorative elements as a whole radiates tranquillity in a glamorous style. Dualism changes destiny. The originally ascetic interior becomes a modern bar with an incorporated entertainment centre and provides the possibility to watch your favourite programme or listen to music in extraordinary quality. You have various needs and this interior can adjust to you.

A column with a chilled kvass dispenser is a genuine joy in hot days as well as a wonderful discovery for those who value health and exquisite taste.

Always have handy the most important things to achieve delicious results. The impressive style of drawers filled with spices arranged in an orderly manner, which can be set on the countertop in its entirety, create a climate for stimulation of culinary creativity.

The irregular surface of the countertop formed at 13500 C using carefully selected minerals captures with its structure.

Natural materials have been valued for centuries. Classic wood in a modern handleless form co-creates the luxurious and modern world.

The modern and transparent materials harmonize with the classic mirror.