Sensual Collection – torino

The kitchen is undoubtedly attractive to the elite and people of influence just like Torino in Northern Italy. The surface with a handle incorporated at an angle gives the kitchen a modern lineament – which really makes a difference. This detail loses the original monochromatic look. There is no place for uniformity and boredom here. The furniture’s white colour is the background for the depth of the climate. It provides the interior with a sense of cleanliness and arrangement. It encourages creation – perhaps by a jewel lit countertop?

The Torino creation provides many possibilities. It is not assigned to just one colour and form. It’s a bit like a beautiful city during different seasons of the year. A true artist will always find in it inspiration and the same inspiring elusiveness…

Can comfort be associated with sensuality? Do we feel it with our senses? After several years of using a dishwasher placed at a height, a 12 year old boy seeing a kitchen with a traditionally placed dishwasher was surprised and asked “why is their dishwasher so low?”